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My approach

My work in a modern world

In our modern world we endure huge stresses in our daily life, who do we look to for support? The medical model offers limited time, and prescribing medication is often the default position – I offer 45 minutes to chat, explore, treat and resolve.

How I go about that

When a patient walks into the room, they're bringing their whole life with them. Every human being is unique, and therefore the treatment will be unique to that patient and their circumstances. Usually there is a disconnect within the patient at some point from their life, from an emotional source that is causing disharmony (dis-ease).

How the patient will feel

During the treatment the patient will feel the shift or the release. Once the patient has left the treatment room, the healing/processing begins and will be felt up to a week. This can be one or all of a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual response.

Who I can help

For some patients I offer a quick fix, other patients I act as a support whilst they are going through a difficult time. Others use me to facilitate their progress in their chosen profession.

For the new born who may have had a difficult birth, I offer a warm safe pair of hands to help reduce the stress and trauma, encouraging the mother and baby to feel calm and reassured – breathing, feeding and sleeping well.

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